Our Work With Cangro and Brook House Nursing Home

Our Work With Cangro and Brook House Nursing Home

When Connie Ahearn was tasked with a community project by Cangro, Brook House Nursing Home came immediately to mind. As a nursing home that takes excellent care of her husband, who has Alzheimer’s, she knew the home would hugely benefit from their project. And we were more than happy to help.

Who are Brook House Nursing Home?

Brook House Nursing Home is purpose-built for older people with care needs and also for specialist dementia care provision for adults with conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Connie’s Story

“When my husband Allan, who has Alzheimer’s moved into Brook House Nursing Home, we decided to re-do his small patio garden. As a family, we began by clearing the existing flower beds, which consisted mainly of overgrown lavender and a few kinds of grass.

With minimal cost, we laid gravel chips, purchased containers and planted evergreen flowering shrubs and added a few garden ornaments. The result was unbelievably stunning and brought great joy to Allan and some of the other residents who happened to walk past.

When we were tasked with carrying out a community project by Cangro, Brook House immediately came to mind as I knew how much joy it would bring to the residents.

After obtaining permission to undertake this project from the Manager of Brook House, we set about getting donations from several businesses in the area.

We were fortunate to be given donations in the form of money, plants, fertilizer, garden ornaments and more from several local businesses, including the team at the Samuel Estates Colliers Wood.

The exercise took place over two weekends with some team members volunteering to work on a Sunday.

It was tough work, but we had an awesome time with lots of banter and much hilarity. The outcome exceeded all our expectations and the fact that we were able to enrich the lives, in a small way, for the residents of Brook House left us with an overwhelming feeling of “making a difference.”

We remember the love when they can no longer remember”.


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