Supporting Wandsworth Oasis to help people living with HIV

Samuel Estates have been working with Wandsworth Oasis to help them make a positive difference for people living with HIV and help raise awareness of the condition.

How we’re supporting Wandsworth Oasis

To help Wandsworth Oasis continue the fantastic work they’re doing, we donate 10% of our commission fee to the charity. This money allows Wandsworth Oasis to support local HIV projects and organisations so that they can reach as many people as possible.

About Wandsworth Oasis

Wandsworth Oasis raise money through the sale of donated goods to their charity shops in Wandsworth, Lambeth & Merton.

They also raise funds through a programme of community events to support projects for people living with HIV and prevention and awareness-raising activity.

Charities working in the HIV sector can apply to Wandsworth Oasis for a project-specific grant to help their work. They will also consider capital projects and core funding. They understand – being there themselves – just how difficult it is to survive in the current environment as a small charity that works tirelessly to support one of the least popular causes in the country.

In the last ten years, Wandsworth Oasis has given over £1million to HIV-related projects and organisations, supporting thousands of sufferers across London.

Wandsworth Oasis values

  • We are all equal – everyone is welcome, and everyone is treated with respect.
  • We are one charity and one team – no matter which area of the charity we work in, we will always help a colleague out if we can.
  • We are trustworthy and caring – we must keep the charity’s most valuable assets (people, stock and cash) safe at all times.
  • We value our community– we love local. We engage positively with our local area for mutual benefit.
  • We love creativity and innovation – we listen to everyone’s ideas on how we can increase awareness and raise money to support our cause.

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