Samuel Estates Supports Streatham Action

Samuel Estates Supports Streatham Action

Through our work with Streatham Action, we’re helping support several local groups and networks in the Streatham area.

Who are Streatham Action?

Streatham Action helps to give the people of Streatham a voice. They make their case to the Council, to Central Government and all the statutory bodies and other groups who influence the quality of life and standard of living in Streatham.

The idea is if they help the entire community to speak in a unified way, they can achieve much more and see action on behalf of the local community.

What do Streatham Action Do?

Streatham Action’s Management group meets bi-monthly at venues in Streatham to consider specific aims the community want to see happen in the local areas. The group then bring these issues to the attention of the Council, Government or other appropriate venues.

Streatham Action aims to provide a central place where interest groups, civic networks such as:

  • Residents associations
  • Neighbourhood watches
  • Safer Neighbourhoods Panels
  • Other similar groups

Streatham Action also enables individuals to come together and discuss

ways to take action and help make Streatham a better place to live.

Why we work with Streatham Action

Working in property, we know how important location and community are to people. By supporting Streatham Action, we’re able to help more people create a great place to live and act on our community values.



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